Choose your cake, cupcakes and cookies for your event

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2200.0 LE

3 levels cake with diameters of 30 cm/20 cm/10 cm enough for 50 persons

3 levels plain filling cake with 2 sizes 24 cm/20 cm/16 cm enough for 40 person 26 cm/20 cm/14 cm enough for 42 person

1350.0 LE

24cm/ 18cm…… enough for 30 persons

20 cm/16 cm/12 cm enough for 25 persons 26 cm/20 cm/14 cm enough for 42 persons

1600.0 LE

45cm choose your cookies by dozen and if wrapped or not

1500.0 LE

45cm ...enough for 35 persons Choose its dozen and wrapped or not

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