High Tea Wedding #2 - 100 Invitees - (Ahmed Orabi Association)

Vendor:  Cana Wedding
14500.0 LE
Vendor:  Cana Wedding

Main Setup:

Villa garden rental

Chairs & Tables with covers + bow-tie (Your choice of color)


Video shooting ( 1 Camera)

Photography (200 Picture CD )

Bride & Groom Couch with natural flowers (of your choice)

Entrance decoration

Guest book decoration


High Tea Dinner #2:

1 petit-pain sandwich Kofta

1 petit-pain sandwich chicken panee

1 petit-pain sandwich romy cheese

1 piece oriental sweets

2 piece of Soiree-Gateaux

3 Layer Bridal cake

Soft drinks (Pepsi, 7-Up, Miranda)


Includes mineral water, china, napkins, catering staff & maitre d'Hotel


70 EGP per extra invitee

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